Debra Howard Consulting- Burlington, VT Area

Resolving Workplace Conflict

Can We Talk?

With the proliferation of virtual work teams and impersonal texts and e-mails, managers are working harder than ever to build trust and tap the potential of their employees, partners, and volunteers. Communication, problem solving, confrontation, and conflict resolution skills are in short supply. Yet without these building blocks, inspirational leadership is impossible. We coach managers and executives individually and facilitate small groups to have productive conversations that are transformative, not traumatic.

What we do:

  • facilitate conversations between people who are struggling to work together (e.g. two or more employees; an employee and his/her boss; members of a team)
  • jointly administer and interpret various personality preference instruments, such as the Myers-Briggs and FIRO-B, to normalize conversation around previously undiscussable (or incendiary) issues
  • speak with the participants separately and confidentially to help them prepare, and debrief with them after the facilitated conversation
  • provide short-term executive coaching to those involved, if needed
  • if a team is struggling, deliver a half-day FIRO-B team workshop to understand the causes of conflict and to teach team members to interact in more positive ways

DOWNLOAD: Debra_Howard_FIROB_Workshop.pdf