Executive Coaching

Learning from the Best

Most employees learn how to manage from their early bosses. Unfortunately, there are precious few good managers in the world, so most people learn bad habits, which are exacerbated by workplace pressures. Executive coaching can’t replace a good mentor, but it’s the next best thing. (Sorry, most management training junkets just don’t cut it.)

Our mission is to improve the quality of management today so that leaders and their employees are successful, and new managers have the best possible role models to emulate. We work with new, transitioning, and derailing managers and executives who are seeking honest feedback, practical suggestions, and support for change.

What we do:

  • contract with the coachee and his/her manager to ensure that the coaching meets the goals of both the individual and the organization
  • use the Myers-Briggs and FIRO-B personality preference assessments to increase personal insight, and to shed light on interpersonal conflicts with others
  • administer our Vital Signs Coaching Needs Assessment to take the coachee’s temperature at the start and end of the assignment
  • provide in-depth, interview-based 360-degree feedback and create a development plan
  • facilitate three-way conversations with the coachee and his/her manager to review progress
  • conduct a Getting Organized audit to optimize workflow, e-mail management, document handling, and planning
  • have coaching phone conversations regularly over the course of the engagement