Performance Management

Nowhere to Hide

Managers have a serious, and uncomfortable, responsibility: When employees fall short, it’s the manager’s job to give them feedback, help them improve, and fire them, if it comes to that. No one else will shoulder this burden. But we can make it easier by helping organizations implement better performance management systems, by teaching managers how to leverage annual reviews as positive opportunities instead of dreaded obligations, and by coaching managers and executives on specific challenges, such as how to help a particular employee step up or how to structure a win-win separation.

What we do:

  • make recommendations for a new or improved performance management system, including goal-setting and development-planning components
  • provide tailored training for employees, managers, and reviewing managers
  • give employees and managers a much broader tool kit of employee development ideas than the conventional send-them-to-training or give-them-tuition-reimbursement standbys
  • conduct a review of the new system after the first complete cycle and recommend refinements
  • if needed, spot check the performance reviews, and discuss with reviewing managers how to coach managers who are giving consistently too-low or too-high reviews