Articles by Debra Howard

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The Truth about Triangles
How managers can reduce the complaining, blaming, and gossiping that’s so common in the workplace, and help people communicate directly with each other instead.

From Traumatic to Transformative: Making it Easier to Have Hard Conversations
A chapter full of techniques and examples to make hard conversations with employees more productive and less traumatic. Equally useful for formal performance reviews and informal, on-the-spot conversations.

Managing Performance: Mastering Performance Reviews and Monitoring Progress
A different way to conduct performance reviews that minimizes what’s unpleasant and maximizes what employees and managers yearn for: inspiration, clarity, understanding, and results. Includes tips for ongoing monitoring and feedback, as well.

Ten Rules for Managers
A short chapter introducing the 10 most important things managers need to think and do to succeed.

How to Get the Most Out of Executive Coaching
How to select an executive coach, what executive coaching includes, when coaching is a good idea and when it is a bad one, how to set goals and improve the odds for success, and how to get the most out of a 360-degree assessment.

How to Hire High Performers
An introduction to competencies and how competency-based interviews can improve the quality of hiring decisions, recommendations for using a more reliable hiring process, and detailed suggestions for conducting better interviews.