Management Communication Intensive

Get Serious

We’re not interested in delivering feel-good training programs with cute icebreaker exercises. Instead, we have participants roleplay (yeah, they don’t love doing it, but we don’t give them a choice) real-life situations on camera, and then receive feedback immediately from their colleagues and an executive coach as they watch themselves on tape. Then we have them do it again. This intensive, video-based approach to training is powerful, slightly painful, and permanently transformational. If you want your managers to learn how to confidently handle difficult conversations, to successfully give feedback, and to effectively influence others, and have it stick after they leave the program, let’s get serious.

We offer three versions of our video-based program:

  • a three-day program (two consecutive days, followed a month later by a third day) for 4, 8, 12, or 16 managers and leaders
  • a one-and-one-half-day executive program for 4 participants
  • a one-day executive program for 2 participants

All three programs include:

  • an unusually high trainer-to-participant ratio (1:4 or 1:2)
  • real-life situations prepared in advance by participants
  • recorded roleplays followed by in-depth analysis and feedback to anchor the concepts taught and to give each participant multiple practice sessions
  • short, easy-to-apply modules based on adult learning and communication theory
  • a highly experienced executive coach as trainer

DOWNLOAD: Debra_Howard_Communication_Intensive.pdf