Debra Howard Consulting- Burlington, VT Area

Hiring and Interviewing Training

Rolling the Dice

Would you hire someone if you knew you had a 50/50 chance of being dead wrong about his or her success on the job? That’s the gamble most managers make every time they extend an offer. The one-on-one interview of a candidate by a hiring manager is still the preferred screening method for selecting new employees, even though research has shown that its predictive power is only slightly better than chance. Over the years, we have refined a selection and interviewing process that can improve your odds considerably. It applies the best practices extolled by academia without overburdening the hiring manager and human resource department.

Our training includes:

  • a two- to three-hour workshop for managers and staff (who might be tapped to serve on search committees) on how to more reliably hire high performers
  • a live behavioral interview, followed by a group discussion about which competencies were demonstrated
  • a detailed workbook, including a competency model tailored for management positions 
  • a follow-up two-hour working session that puts the principles learned during the training into action by defining the competencies, requirements, hiring process, and participants for a critical position that’s currently advertised, or about to be

DOWNLOAD: Debra_Howard_Competency_Interview.pdf