Debra Howard Consulting- Burlington, VT Area



Few people are born with the knowledge and skills to be effective managers. It takes learning from years of experience (and lots of mistakes), good mentors (if they’re lucky), bad role models (“I’m not going to do it like that person!”), challenging assignments, and honest feedback to grow into a great manager.

Management training isn’t a substitute for those experiences, but it can accelerate the process, especially if it includes feedback from direct reports and colleagues. Our Management Accelerator does just that, with feedback from our competency-based 180 survey, succinct training modules on management best practices, and our time-tested—and highly effective—Communication Intensive. The content is customized based on the needs of the client and the management experience of the participants, and typically delivered in two days, followed by a third day scheduled a month or two later.

To reinforce the training, the Management Accelerator also includes six 90-minute “fuel-injection” follow-up videoconference sessions on popular topics, such as:

  • Development and career planning
  • Hiring and behavioral interviewing
  • Performance management and giving constructive feedback
  • How to have fewer, shorter, better meetings
  • Getting organized: managing work, time, and energy
  • Managing in a matrix
  • Influencing up, down, across, and outside the organization
  • Managing our emotional reactivity
  • Understanding and changing corporate culture

Clients usually schedule a fuel injector session every two months, which gives the participants an additional year to work together and strengthen their relationships.