Debra Howard Consulting- Burlington, VT Area

Onboarding Coaching

Everybody Wants One

These days, it’s chic to have a coach: an academic testing coach, a personal trainer, an executive coach. While we believe everyone can improve with coaching, leaders newly hired from outside the company, or recently promoted from within, are where your precious coaching dollars should be spent first. “Transitional” or “onboarding” coaching is shorter and less expensive than a traditional coaching engagement, and it improves the likelihood that the new person will seamlessly integrate into the culture of the organization, build productive relationships with the members of his or her new team, hit some early home runs, and want to stay in the job. It costs considerably more to replace a new hire who washes out after a year than to have us coach your new star to a successful start.

What we do:

  • contract with the coachee and his/her new manager to ensure that the coaching meets the goals of both the individual and the organization
  • clarify expectations and first-year challenges for the new leader
  • use the Myers-Briggs and FIRO-B personality preference assessments to increase personal insight, and to anticipate possible tensions with new colleagues
  • strategize how to shift relationships with former peers
  • facilitate discussions with the coachee and his/her new team
  • have regular leadership coaching conversations in person or by phone